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Argentine Tango &
Contact Improvisation
with Chelsea Eng & Zack Bernstein

Classes & Workshops on the Interface of Argentine Tango with
Contact Improvisation
Sample Workshop - All Levels

Tango Dancers will:
- strengthen their skills with counterbalance & the use of weight
- enhance their dance with a more spontaneous sense of flow
- gain freedom, fluidity & new dynamics
- liberate their partnering
Contact Dancers will:
- strengthen their skills in leading & following: initiating & proposing, listening & responding
- enhance their dance with an intricate language of lower body entanglement
- gain structure, technique & new vocabulary
- ground their partnering
Recent tangocontact Workshops:

*Dance Mission/ SAN FRANCISCO - Summer 2010

*Tango-Contact Jam's 1-year Anniversary at Zambaleta/ SAN FRANCISCO - Fall 2010

*Northern California Dance Collective's Winter Dance Camp/ near SANTA CRUZ, CA - Winter 2010 

 Next Classes
Chelsea & Zack teach the 8:30pm class before the Tango-Contact Jam at Studio Valencia/ SAN FRANCISCO
*Dec 20, 2010 - Zack teaches
*Jan 17, 2011 - Chelsea & Zack co-teach
Class & Workshop
Attendee Testimonials:
"The class was great. - Really fun."
~ Aaron Jessup (professional dancer/performer)
"Chelsea & Zack have a calm & playful energy together." 
~ Conrad McGreal (professional dancer/teacher)
"I really enjoyed the tangocontact class - a great approach."
~ Milan Melet (tango dancer)  
"Thank you. I enjoyed it so much!"
~ Karina (NCDC Winter Dance Camp attendee)
"Moving in & out of the structure of tango added a new dimension to the contact improv. I liked repeatedly connecting with the tango embrace as a reference point."
~ Dave (NCDC Winter Dance Camp attendee)
"I really enjoyed the class." 
~ Cougar (NCDC Winter Dance Camp attendee)
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Chelsea Eng & Zack Bernstein are lifelong movers who work at the forefront of their respective dance forms in the US and beyond. Chelsea specializes in tango but loves contact. Zack specializes in contact but loves tango. As a professional performer, improviser, choreographer and teacher of Argentine Tango, Chelsea has taught and performed in international dance festivals in many cities, including Buenos Aires. She holds a Master's Degree in Education - Dance Specialization from Stanford University. Chelsea is a co-founder of the all-woman dance company Tango Con*Fusión and founder of the popular Argentine Tango Program at City College of San Francisco. A world-class juggler and dancer, Zack has toured on multiple continents. He co-founded Capacitor performance group and currently performs with Scott Wells. Zack teaches contact throughout the SF Bay Area at venues including Counterpulse, Ecstatic Dance, Athletic Playground, Studio Valencia, and the Thursday Jam in Berkeley. Both Chelsea and Zack have trained in modern & ballet and danced extensively in Argentina. Together they explore the interplay of tango & contact as a medium for discovery, richer partnering, and the creation of performance work.                                         

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