Municipality’s free “Natural Living Camping”

About 15-20 minutes walk from Therma and our main venue, next to the beach.

It is free and offers: plenty of space and shade, toilets and cold water showers and a cafeteria at the entrance. No need to book. No website, but you can find some information on google maps

Municipality’s organised “Varades municipal camping”

Half an hour walk from Therma, close to the beach, the waterfalls “Fonias”. Affordable costs with the possibility of renting a tent (2 people renting a tent would pay a total of 15 € per night).

There are all the conveniences a campsite can offer. It is also possible to rent a bicycle for 8 €/day.

Info: / +30 2551 098424


There are several B&Bs in Therma

You can find them online at affordable prices .
You can also stay at Mariva , our main venue, where a double room costs around €50 per night.
Just make sure you stay in Therma so that you are close to everything..


Wild camping

is unfortunately illegal in Greece and you can be fined €300 per person for doing it, but it is still something you can do more easily in Samothraki than in other places in Greece. Of course, there is always the risk involved.

→ If you wish to camp but it is difficult for you to bring a tent let us know and we will see if we can get you a tent or find a tent with a place for you.

*We will be camping, so let us know if you want to join us in our little camping village